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“You’ll probably only make about $12 an hour your first year as a counselor”

This is what one of my professors told our class during one of our last meetings in our graduate program. My jaw hit the floor. I never got into this business to become wealthy, but I knew that there was no way I was going to be able to serve my clients if I was struggling to feed myself or put a roof over my head. 


This is unfortunately the truth for many therapists. We work 40+ hour weeks, see clients with mental health concerns that we don’t specialize in, and live paycheck to paycheck. I knew I could never be empowered living this way, and I also knew that if I didn’t feel empowered I wouldn’t be able to help my clients rediscover their power, so I knew this route wasn’t going to work for me. 


Instead of going to work for a group counseling practice where the owner of the practice would take half of my wages, I decided to take a risk on myself and open my own practice.  I spent months manifesting my dream healing space, learning how to attract my ideal clients, and speaking with other therapists to.figure out what worked and didn't work for them, and figuring out how to jump through all of the legal hoops of starting my own business.


I’m happy to say that my first year as a counselor (before I was even fully licensed)

I made well over six figures,

I only worked with my ideal clients,

and I created a schedule that supported my freedom.


Other therapists often ask me how I created my dream practice with a waitlist of clients in a fraction of the time it takes other therapists to do the same and  my answer is always that the only thing standing in the way of you creating a practice that feels like a calling instead of a job is your belief in yourself, your knowledge of what steps to take, and your willingness to take the risk.

One on One Coaching


you're a private practice owner...

  • Setting up your sessions - telehealth or office space

  • How to easily obtain your LLC

  • How to handle business finances- opening a business account, saving for taxes, the bank accounts you need to stay organized, & different ways of accepting payments

  • The fundamentals of website creation and how to create your own easily (I also offer custom website creation, see pricing at the bottom.)

  • Building and maintaining your referral network - where to find your best connections

  • How to show up on social media as an authority and generate leads that convert to clients

  • Setting up your schedule to live your dream life (never work a weekend again, get off work by 2pm to pick up your kids every day, whatever your dream schedule is, it’s possible)

...and a thriving entrepreneur.

  • Working through blocks and beliefs that keep you from thriving

  • Practices that help you expand your money mindset

  • Self-care, boundary management and tips to avoid burnout!

Services for Therapists

A thriving practice is just as accessible for you as it is for any of the people already doing it, you just have to take the steps and believe that living your dream life is possible. If the second part of that sentence seems hard right now, you can trust that I will hold that belief for you until you begin to feel it for yourself.

trust me, you've got this.

Monthly 1:1 Bundle

  • 4 coaching calls each month with action items for your next steps in creating your dream practice each call will be followed by a pdf with steps on how to accomplish your goals

  • Unlimited messages for motivation towards determined goals or assistance during regular business hours

  • Weekly mindfulness exercises to help you on your journey.



Single Coaching Session

  • One coaching session where we will game plan the next steps you need to take to create your private practice

  •  A PDF with steps to help you accomplish your goal

  • Up to four follow-up messages for questions about accomplishing your goals- these can be working through mental blocks, logistical questions, or if you just need a cheerleader



Website Design

  • Your website is where your clients get to know you and it is so incredibly essential in building your practice. I can help with just the design aspect, helping you to craft the language to convert browsers of your website into clients, or all of the above. 

Pricing determined by level of services desired.


Group Coaching

  • Group coaching gets you all of the benefits of the one on one coaching sessions at a fraction of the cost, plus you are able to see how other therapists are creating their dream businesses and create a supportive community. This is for people who are just starting out, or people who have already gotten started who know that they would benefit from having a community around them to inspire, encourage and keep them accountable.


Image by Julia Peretiatko

Let's Work Together

"That reaching a destination hasn’t got a thing to do with the difficulty of the path you’ve chosen to take, but instead the passion and persistence you walk it with."

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