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While traditional therapy is cool, I believe that by integrating physical movement, neuroscience, and spiritual practices into your healing you can more quickly come home to the truest, most powerful version of yourself. 

Hey there, I'm

and I'm here to help you on your journey home to yourself.

P.S. You can bring your pup to your sessions or hang out with mine!

With my bachelors degree in Neuroscience I have a serious passion for interlacing science into my clients healing journeys. I am also incredibly passionate about yoga, how our food choices effect our emotions, and believe that meditation is one of the best medicines. This is why I offer therapeutic movement sessions, psychedelic integration and E.M.D.R. as well as traditional conversation-based sessions.​ 

So whether you are wanting to begin the journey of unpacking severe childhood trauma or you're wanting become the most authentic and alive version of yourself- therapy can help.

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It is my belief that therapy is for EVERYONE.

I'm here to tell you that no one is any more or less deserving of therapy. Our lives are full of emotionally traumatizing experiences relating to family, rejection, shame, self hatred, regret, breakups, divorce, difficulty with parenting, grief & loss, transitioning beliefs, and many other aspects of unprocessed and undisclosed pain.  

There is no definitive ranking of life problems, or competition that results in being dubbed more worthy of help. In a perfect world — one in which we wouldn’t have to navigate the inequities of health care — I feel strongly that almost everyone could benefit from working with a therapist. 

 These are all the ways we can WORK TOGETHER

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there is no greater FREEDOM than 

living in YOUR TRUE SELF, a self authentically and lovingly CONNECTED TO OTHERS


It’s how we are built. It’s how our children are built. Living the kind of balance many of us aspire to looks a heck of lot easier in print than it is in action. It takes work to integrate it all, but it is so worth it.

Life can break your heart. We are not meant to heal alone. The greatest honor my clients give me is their trust. They know I get it. They know that I hold hope and practical solutions until they can. There is always a path to clarity. There is always a way to love. There is always a way home.


Wholeness requires us acknowledge and support all parts of ourselves. Click below to check out my favorite resources.
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