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The Importance of Tending our Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is represented by all that is formless, expansive, and magnetic.

The moon, water, and nighttime all encompass this energy.

When we have a healthy relationship with our feminine energy we are highly attuned to the more subtle and formless aspects of human consciousness, such as intuition and emotions.

However, in today’s world the dominant energy that drives us is predominantly masculine. Masculine ideals such as assertiveness, competitiveness, and a preference for facts over feelings are praised and prioritized. These characteristics are certainly not negative and there is a place for them in each of our lives, but our society’s preference for them allows them to drive us forward at a pace that feels out of sync with our natural rhythms.

In modern life many women spend much of our lives embodying our masculine energies in order to be “productive" in society and find it difficult to surrender into our feminine - leading with more of an intuitive, fluid, and gentle energy. Especially those of us with a history of trauma can have a tendency to embody our warrior archetype (masculine energy) as a protection mechanism. This leaves little space for connection to ourselves and healing to take place.

It’s more imperative than ever that we also remember to nurture, nourish, heal, and restore the feminine side of our beings. A balance between masculine and feminine energies is essential for overall health and well-being for each of us.


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