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  • How can therapy help me?
    There are too many benefits of participating in therapy to list! Therapists can provide support, problem solving skills and coping strategies for a wide range of issues. Therapists, being objective, can provide a different or a fresh perspective on a problem that you have been struggling with. Benefits of therapy depend on your commitment and level of readiness. Some benefits can include, boosting self confidence or improving self esteem, improving communication skills, learning/finding new coping skills, attaining a better understanding of yourself, changing old patterns and developing new ones, or managing your emotional feeling such as sadness, anger or other highly charged emotions you may be feeling.
  • How long is therapy?
    Therapy sessions are typically 45-50 minutes, while groups run longer per session. Clients typically meet on a weekly or bi weekly basis depending on the client’s needs. Length of time while in therapy will depend on the individual client’s circumstance. The therapist and client will determine that together.
  • What is the difference between seeing a therapist, a psychologist and a psychiatrist?
    As mental health therapists / counselors the scope of treatment is talk-therapy. Typically therapists have their masters degree, and yearly cont. education. While, psychologists also provide counseling services they also provide psychological testing for schools, courts and other entities. Psychiatrists tend to limit their talk therapy / counseling services and are typically available for medication management. If your therapist feels that you may need medication, they will provide you with a referral to doctors that they may recommend. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor that specialists in behavior. If medication is necessary, typically in these clients, medication and talk therapy are used together. Medication therapy is not a replacement for talk therapy.
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